4th in short

was bored for first half of day.

went to park w/angie and got a corndog, minidonuts, and cheese curds ( i SWEAR this antibiotic i’m taking is messing with my appetite or metabolism!!! holy crap!)

took nap.

nate and i went to the grocery store and got foods.

made BEST STEAK EVER and roasted potatoes, asparagus, onions and mushrooms. might have been the best meal i’ve had in months. holy toledo. (buy farm-raised angus steak. MMMMm)

watched fireworks in yard with nate, angie and chad. sat out afterwards and laughed at people walking by.

drank 4 hard mike’s raspberry lemonades. feeling a bit…woozy….


you know, besides going swimming at st john’s with jane, the fourth was kinda lame. the big st.joe fourth fest that everyone makes a big deal out if is NOT a big deal. sheesh. NO MINIDONUTS!! next year it’s spicer or mandan. enough dinking around in st cloud.

it's back

i’m so tired of WoW.

RPGs need to die.

july 4 is here (well, almost), and i’m feeling rather put out about it. angie, chad and i are doing the beer garden, but i just feel blah about it. megan was going to help, but bowed out. nate can’t come because he has to work. my one sister’s in indiana and other will be in mandan. charlie’s no fun. i can’t get drunk because no one is available to drive us home (meaning charlie).

i’m probably not even going to be at the spicer parade. i feel like summer’s passing me by and mocking me while doing so.



so it’s only tuesday and this weekend i’m going to spicer for the fourth!!! i’m so excited!! there’s rain in the forecast tho, so i hope it stays away for sat. night and sunday.

also, i’m fixing the company web site and it’s a MESS, a total and complete MESS and it’s going to take a ton of work to make it look good. but, i have to get the catalog done first.

Company Web Site

i warned you!

i heart…

i heart a lot of stuff right now!
i heart my new grill so i can grill chicken mm mm
i heart july 4 in spicer (2 weeks baby!)
i heart my new cable tv (finally!)
i heart my kitty
i heart new gmail. i have 2 accts!

i got the latest cosmo (yes, i know, i’m getting a bit old for it) and inside there was a bumper sticker-type thingy from citibank and it had a pre-printed “I ” and then it was blank so you could fill in what you heart. cool!