write about the last time you were overwhelmed.

despite being a little overwhelmed now due to the house situation, im not that overwhelmed. but when i worked at merrill, i felt like i was overwhelmed all the time, especially after my hours got changed. the work that needed to be done was so deadline driven that everything needed to be done that day, and if it didn’t? too bad so sad. so, new job time!


who do you trust?

when i lived with the gays, i asked kurt once who he could count on to pull through for him. i asked because i was beginning to not like the gays. so i thought about me: my family and my cats were what i could count on 100%. family to do anything and cats to be exceptionally cute and unconditional.


i’m going to do the one-minute writer.

today’s writing prompt: happy. what is making you happy today?

today what’s making me happy is the fact that i’m starting to look for places to live in the area. i think it took nate 15 minutes of having sophie ignore him over the 4th for him to say a big “YEA” to looking for a place. tonight i’m going to look at a place in stewartville and tomorrow, who knows. it’ll be good.