yesterday i pulled my car out of my garage so i could move my treadmill indoors, which miraculously fixed my treadmill. apparently it  didn’t work well in 40ΒΊ garage air. now it’s sitting in my guest room instead of the garage.

so my car sat out all day, and i decided i needed to finally pull it back in the garage, and…

it wouldn’t start. arg!!!! it cranked and cranked but wouldn’t fire up. so i was annoyed and irritated and obsessed with how much it was going to cost to fix it last night.

and i forgot to blog. sorry πŸ™

which meant this morning i was in late to work so i could get my insurance squared away and my car sent off to the auto place down the road. did you know roadside assistance also includes in-your-driveway assistance? yes it does! so my insurance paid for my tow. woo! 


all the snow is gone πŸ™ it rained for the past few days and got above 40ΒΊ, and here we’re sitting with some gross november wet weather. almost december! where did the month go. anyway, eventually it’s got to get cold and the snow has got to fall. 

i still don’t know what i’m going to do for christmas. i’m debating going to my parents without nate or just staying home and being here for christmas. it wouldn’t be horrible, i guess. another option is to go somewhere else, but i don’t have the cash to go somewhere else. we’ll see what happens. 


my coworker’s last day is wednesday, which means i am by my lonesome in the marketing department for a while. there are two giant projects that are looming, and i’m hoping that they actually get done :/ ugh!


it’s almost december, which means it’s almost christmas movie watching time!!!

i already watched die hard, so that’s out of the way. gotta go through the rest of my DVDs and see what i have so i can get started. 


it’s only monday -_-

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