produce wins

today was a good produce day. i was going to go to the rochester farmers’ market, but on the way was planning on stopping at ron’s berry farm, which is just outside of eyota. his sign boasted tomatoes, pumpkins, and squash. 

it was the only stop i needed to make! i got three big butternut squashes, three pumpkins for my porch, two pie pumpkins, a white pumpkin, and a bag of potatoes for about $20. plus i didn’t need to deal with the hordes at the market and was able to buy directly from the farmer. 

then off to lacrosse with charlie (yay!), where we went to an apple orchard. $12.50 for a bag of honeycrisp?! no thanks. then doug and charlie found the “seconds” apples, which weren’t perfectly round or had a little spot on them, of which honeycrisp were $6. i’ll take that!

and sometime this week i have to head over to mom and dad’s neighbors and get some apples off their tree. i’ll be making more applesauce and pies in my future.

(also squash potato soup, which is delicious.)

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