Olivier Schrauwen -

Olivier Schrauwen –

dear retailers:

why do you insist on keeping your thermostat set at 65º during the hottest days of summer? i am in my shorts and tank top because it’s a sweltering sauna outside, but once i enter the door of your fine establishment, i am blasted with arctic air that raises goosebumps on my arms and brings visions of january to mind. 

i keep the temperature in my house anywhere from 74-78º on humid days like these, and i am comfortable sitting around in my summer clothes. i can only imagine that store thermostats are set at less than 70º for some obscene reason during weather like this. 

not only does it make me extremely uncomfortable in stores, restaurants, coffeehouses, etc. and makes me want to leave as quickly as possible, but i’d imagine that the energy needed to maintain this less-than-ideal temperature has got to be insane. is it a status thing? (spoiler alert from the link: yes, it is a status thing.) do you want to get your customers out of your place as quickly as possible? is hot cocoa hard to move during 90º, 80%-humidity  days and you are trying your best to get it off the shelves? i’m baffled. 

i’ve gotten to the point that i’ve started bringing a sweater into stores with me. there i am, 90º outside, and i’m throwing a sweater over my tank top because your store is so freezing cold.  if i’m standing in line with a sweater on and jumping in place to warm up, i think you should take that as a sign. 

one thing is for sure: you make it such a relief to be outdoors in the heat that you’re doing mother nature a service by forcing customers to enjoy the heat and humidity. sure, my glasses fog up every time i step outside, but it’s a small price to pay for not freezing like a popsicle. 

so, retailers, give your customers a break, and not of the crashing icicle variety. pop up that thermostat a couple degrees. you’ll help the environment, your bottom line, and my frozen bottom, all at the same time. 

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