home improvements

i’ll be here for a while, i guess, so it was time for home improvements. 

i bought a nice buffet a couple weeks ago that fits perfectly in my dining room; i wanted to stain it, but nate decided that he loved it as it (even though it doesn’t really match the rest of our furniture). so it replaced the hutch in the dining room, and i got a ginormous mirror from tjmaxx that will go over it.

the garage has been painted white and shelving is up! woo! it’s nice to have all our junk off the floor and space to park now. just one last top shelf to put up, and some lower shelves for little junk, maybe a foot wide instead of two feet like the upper shelving.

and i got a Fleck Water Softener! thank god! my skin felt like sandpaper, and winter would’ve only made it worse. so excited!

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