hello from SD, day 2!

welp, nate is still getting his sleep schedule switched around, and on top of that, it’s allergy season here in SD. or else he’s sick. huzzah!  -_-

we left chamberlain at about 9:30 this morning (no breakfast at al’s – free continental at the hotel; we’ll hit al’s on the way home) and took off in a chilly, grey morning. after a sketchy stop at a gas station in belvedeire, we made it to the badlands, where the sky cleared up about halfway through the loop. it must have been a very wet spring, because things are very green here. 

nate and i stopped at a few viewpoints and i got some pics (below). of course the loop ended at wall, where we had an unexpectedly expensive lunch at wall drug. hot beef sandwiches at kitchy restaurants are so good, but $12? omg. and $4 for a slice o’pie. after the usual tour and a photo with my green lady, nate and i left for rapid city. 

i got a fancy hotel tonight because a) i knew nate would be feeling like poo this day and would appreciate a jacuzzi suite and b) the next three nights are going to be roughing it in a camping cabin, which i’m sure nate will be in love with (haha). 

pics from the badlands! #hifromsd

IMG_0268 IMG_0269 IMG_0275 IMG_0293 IMG_0316 IMG_0319 IMG_0328 IMG_0336 IMG_0350 IMG_0359 IMG_0367 IMG_0369 IMG_0371


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