hello december!

and hello post-thanksgiving cold! yahoo!

it seems to have gotten worse instead of better over the last couple days – weird since it’s been going since late friday. oh well; it’ll have to quit eventually. on the plus side, i blew through an entire book today. if tomorrow holds the same promise, i might just meet my book challenge for goodreads this year (haha – unlikely as I need 23 more books). 

a lot of stuff going on this month! 9-year anniversary is on the 3rd. cookie making, tree goes up, weird christmas to ensue with half the family gone…

any snow we had melted over the last weekend with the 37ΒΊ weather we had, so it doesn’t seem like it could be anywhere close to christmas, but it’ll still come. this whole year has seemed weird – spring was late, summer was late, september was weirdly warm. i feel like any day now, it’ll go back to be 70ΒΊ and sunny and be late-august, but that’s not happening anytime soon. 

oh, and i failed my november devil’s syrup challenge! boo on me. so much for an easy catvember so i could focus on that. 😐

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