garden woes

so black walnut trees – never again. i’m going to have to move my garden beds next spring and be ultra vigilant about keeping the green walnuts out of my beds.

so far i’ve had two tomato plants die on me. they were both cherry tomato plants, and my others seem to be doing well, so here’s hoping the rest of my plants are walnut hardy. (i’m really hoping i don’t jinx myself by saying this.) the tomato plants that ARE doing well have some big tomatoes on them, and my hot pepper plant is just going nutso. i’ve got to buy stock in avocados just so i can keep up with the hot peppers (and my cilantro). 

another hot day tomorrow, but after that it should cool off. hot weather does my tomatoes and peppers great, my brussels sprouts not so much. cest la vie.

off to my book.

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