relaxation station! relaxation station! relaxation station!

i made some marshmallows to take to the reunion since plain jane ones from the store have devil’s syrup in them. it was my first time working with gelatin, so that was interesting (i never said i needed vegan marshmallows…). anyway, it was pretty easy. boil together water and sugar while the gelatin chills in some water, mix in the gelatin and bring back to a boil. then whip it for 10-15 mins until it looks nice and fluffy, like marshmallow…fluff.



it actually looks a lot like meringue. add some vanilla and salt (i also added a wee bit of almond extract) and pour into a pan to set.

IMG_9404and that’s where we’re sitting right now. hopefully tomorrow it’ll be less tacky to the touch and i can slice them up and roll them in powdered sugar. smores here i come!

(on a side note, i realized today that everything i’m bringing treatwise to the lake is gluten-free – good for kathy and josie, i guess!)


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