finally lake time!

dock_2_cropped_4x6it’s lake time! last year, there was no derry family reunion, which made me sad – i had a severe lack of lake last year. this part of the state is conspicuously absent of lakes. i know i could drive an hour two, or go put my feet in the puddle that resides in the state park, or setup my chair next to the mississippi that masquerades as a lake. it’s just NOT the same. 

i didn’t realize how swell i had it in the NL-S area with the multiple lakes, then the central MN area with not quite so many but still more than here number of lakes. 

but this weekend is leech lake time, and next weekend i’m heading up to spicer to spend some time on lake george for a bachelorette party. i’m definitely getting some lake time in this summer. 

(the only sad thing about this weekend is that nate isn’t coming. he already took a week off this summer and has to work. boo.)

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