fair time already??


the winona county fair is early! i’m used to county fairs in august; to have one in mid-july is pretty intense. so nate and i had to scope it out. we checked out the non-horse animal barns (to prevent anaphylactic shock), made a lap around the midway, strolled through one vendor barn (the one with the GOP station in it – bleah), and took a walk down the food run.

one mediocre corn dog and a stellar bag of tom thumb minidonuts (the only kind) later, we left and deemed it not quite, but almost as good as the benton county fair. and the benton county fair isn’t that great. what put the benton county fair ahead? they have DEEP FRIED CANDY BARS and this one didn’t. get on it, winona!

donuts bunny wheel sheep rides goat zipper

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