christmas movie update


well, christmas movie viewing season is in full swing. i ended up delaying a little bit, and now i’m slashing a couple so i can get them all in on time. whoops!

elf – watched this right after thanksgiving, and it was great. i love the end of this one!!

rudolph went down with a hitch – great bouncing icebergs!

the santa clause – i like judy.

home alone – i like the old guy killer.

national lampoon christmas vacation – i rented this one with charlie so he could say he’s seen it. funny as always!

love actually – looooove this one!! the jamie/aurelia story is my favorite. 

die hard was great. “now i have a machine gun. ho ho ho.” 

bad santa – ok, i just watched this because it was on netflix. first time for it. wasn’t that impressed, but it might have something to do with the fact that i can’t decide if billy bob thornton is good looking or ugly. i can’t decide what parts he should be playing….

jane and i watched the claymation special , which was shorter than i thought it was. “here we come a waffling!”

watched muppet christmas carol tonight, which is always a fun. 

tomorrow is charlie brown christmas and maybe it’s a wonderful life. i have stuff going on tuesday night and then wednesday is christmas eve, so the time is now!

the only new movies this year were bad santa and the claymation special, which wasn’t as awesome as i remember, but it was fun to watch. πŸ™‚

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