bazaar time!

my work buddy and i went to the christmas bazaar at one of the local churches in town today. bazaars are generally only one step above auctions when it comes to prices. i was able to get liz three christmas village houses for $1 apiece, a pyrex glass bread loaf pan for $1.75, and some christmas lighted garland for $3. not too shabby! 

my cold is hanging on nobody’s business; i’ve had it for a week now. it should theoretically be gone by sunday, but we’ll see what happens. my body’s been like, let’s go for a run! but my head has been all “nooooooooo nooooooooooo i will explode” on me. so i haven’t been for a run in almost two weeks since i had a busy three days before thanksgiving. i’ll be happy when this is done with!

ah, tree time is always a dilemma. i think i’ll try to get it up within the next week, even if i get it after work some day. i’ve got to get it up so i can get a picture of the cats for my christmas cards! that should be a fun time (sarc).

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