*thinky face*

*thinky face*

i thought i would blog more once i stopped looking at FB, but that’s not the case.

but speaking of blogging more, november is almost upon us (well, almost being it’s next month), and that means KABLPOMO (aka KABLAMO). if you have any ideas for this year’s blogging extravanza, i’m all eyeballs.

i know at the beginning of the year, i had hoped to do some more deep dives into envrionmentalism, so maybe that’s an option. what environmental stuff do you want to know about?

i don’t mind doing some short stories, especially if they’re creepy (sorry mom).

i also had this solid dream that i am still in awe over, so that’s an option to flesh out. (i’m not going to bore you with a recap unless it’s in written story form; other people’s dreams are boring to listen to).


in some other news, apple just announced a SMALL PHONE. guess who’s preordering. (hint – she has two thumbs and is me.) the best part about their announcement event was a little montage where they filmed from perspective of the phone being pulled from the front pocket of a pair of woman’s jeans. SOMEONE FINALLY GOT THE MEMO. so i’ve got preorder date on my calendar.

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