visitors in the time of covid!

visitors in the time of covid!

i have had more visitors in the past three weeks than in the last year! who knew!

anyway, liz was my first visitor, and we all know how that turned out! it was no vacation for her, but i ended up getting some fancy schmancy looking cabinets out of the deal. liz got a lot of free food out of it on her end.

then the next weekend, megan visited, which was super fun and super relaxing compared to the previous weekend, ha! we both rarely get out, but we ended up doing a tour of st. john’s and st. joe! we went to the bookstores at both colleges, then we checked out the food coop in st. joe and the little gift store next door to it. we were both stoked to get out of the house, especially megan since she had a moment of peace from her fam.

then that night we went to krewe, the new southern cuisine restaurant in st. joe that i’ve been itching to go to. nate, for some reason, is really hesitant to eat out, even though he works at a place where a bunch of strangers talk to him. kind of weird, but you do you dude.

so megan and i ended up getting a reservation for 8:45 on the patio, which was really nice and quiet and apart from everyone. in fact, too apart… because we ended waiting for about 20 minutes before anyone came to see us! i had to get up and ask the hostess for someone to come take our order. a server came out post haste, along with the owner/chef, and we ended up getting our entire meal for free, which they did NOT need to do!

but the food is delicious there. the crab cakes are wonderful, and the bbq shrimp are really good. whatever they put in their dinner rolls, i’d like to just pour directly into my mouth all the time. for dessert we got bread pudding, also delicious. then we got some beignets to go for the next morning. overall, the food was excellent, and i’ll be going back when i can get nate to either go out with me or someone else comes to visit.

last weekend, jane came up to pick up her treadmill, and while she was here we went to the grande depot and got a sneak peak of their christmas display. we also stopped at the pumpkin patch (i have now spent $50 on pumpkins and squash this year). the big thing from the weekend with jane is that i made her watch from dusk til dawn, which i’ve been wanting to do forever. i’m glad that wish finally came true!

all this to say, visitors are super fun to have! if you want to come visit me, my guest bedroom is open!

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