you may have noticed a huuuuge increase in my archives on the right hand side lower in the page. i just spend 4 hours going through my old LJ entries, tagging them, and uploading them. i still have to go through quite a bit and delete some of the more, uh, interesting ones, especially now since so many work-related people search this stuff (seriously – what was i thinking back in 2004? – oh yeah, that no one other than 20-somethings went online to look for this stuff. it was true). so….a lot more reading material out there if you’re bored out of your skull one afternoon.
i ALSO created a new twitter handle for all things DS related – @DevilsSyrupBook, so i will push posts about DS to that account, and all other stuff to my main twitter account. plus, if i’m going to do this book, i want to grab up that handle before someone else does.
i leave you with the hoff.

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