ok, so i really have nothing to post about. life has been so mediocre since i cut my finger that i’m kinda bored. this weekend will be the first weekend that nate has off from his new job. he has every weekend off! how awesome is that. awesome! double awesome!

i think the fourth is going to be boring. i have to work the third then will be hightailing it to new london to catch the tail end of my 10th HS reunion.

yes, my tenth high school reunion.

i am old.

then i’ll go to the parade on the 4th and partake in awesome spicer activities (unless of course it rains). then i will go back to the cloud cuz i have to work on the 5th.

the parental units are in the black hills and i want to be there!! 🙁 i heart the black hills. next summer. i will be there, by hook or by crook.

i have to start thinking about NANOWRIMO. i’m pretty sure i’m going to do the fairy tale. which one??


so let's see

last wednesday night i was dumb and sliced my finger with an exacto knife. i went to the clinic, they looked at it, and gave me 4 stitches. OY the novacaine stuff hurt. i was about ready to scream. so here i am with a gimpy finger, a gimpy arm because they gave me a tetanus shot, and a gimpy neck/shoulder area because i slept wrong that night. ugh!

jane and i went to austin yesterday for may aunt and uncle g’s anniversary party. tom was a dink like always, but everyone else was happy to see us. poor coletie, though, she is just so confused and feels like she has no control of her life anymore. which she really can’t because she’s out of it sometimes and doesn’r understand what’s going on. oh i feel so bad for her. 🙁 she’s in a nursing home now so she wll get better care, but she’s in a small room and misses her stuff and freedom.

then we drove back and i was happy to be back in my bed. whew, what a long day.


i went to the store today to find a card for my dad. it’s not easy finding a generic father’s day card for a father who’s not so generic. all they had were extremely sappy cards or cards that exonerated frugality, fishing, lounging, beer and tv. bleah. what the hey? no cards for crossword kings? grammar gurus? book buffs? history hawks? word wizards?

so i’ll have to make my own card.

moosic nerd alert

so, when the movie gladiator came out, i loved it and especially loved the music (courtesy of hans zimmer). so i immediately did my piratey thing and d/l’ed on the d/l. 🙂

i listened to it constantly and still often listen to it when i’m doing something of the creative sort that requires non-lyrical music.

so, when pirates II came out (I was composed by some other dude), i was delighted to hear strains of gladiator music in it, always one to appreciate soundtrack composers. valiantly i hold onto my horner-williams-goldsmith trio (that’s titanic-indiana jones-first knight, moviewise), but good god after hearing pirates III soundtrack, williams will have to be kicked out and zimmer is in. holy toledo, the music he wrote for the elizabeth/will scenes is absolutely beautiful and makes me want to cry.

except that whole wild-west guitar music is a little out of place, but i can live with that. when a movie has keith richards in it, i guess you gotta have a little electric guitar somewhere, eh?

response from the laundry dramaqueeens

Do you know what’s really immature? Is when you can’t wait 5 frickin minutes for your fellow tenants to remove their clothing and then you put your grubby hands all over other people’s garments. One, they were not left in the dryer for long. [i must insert here that a) it was the good dryer they were in, and they had been using that dryer only for the past 2 hours and b) it really was half an hour before they finally got the clothes.] Two- taking them out for everyone to see shows that you feel you are an important person, impatient and you have no respect for anyone else. DONT (sic) TOUCH ANYONE ELSE’S CLOTHIING. When I do laundry I have respect! I wait for other people to finish there’s (sic) I don’t touch their stuff! BE PATIENT AND RESPECT YOUR NEIGHBORS!

*cough* *cough*

well, i am important! and i was patient while she (it’s definitely a girl’s handwriting – i actually think it’s the retards upstairs) used the good dryer for her two loads of laundry, when she could have used both dryers.

i can’t come up with a good response to this except for offering to give her some bleach so she can sanitize the “grubby” out of the clothes i touched. *gasp*

or maybe, “way to be a shining example of this respect you claim you have when you pulled my clothes out of the running dryers.”


i am so pissed right now i don’t know what to do.

i decided to do some laundry, and some yahoo was tying up the dryer for like 3 hours, so when s/he didn’t get their stuff, i took it out and put it on top. well, you don’t get your stuff out, too bad.

so i just went out there, and they had gotten their stuff, and opened both the dryers that had my stuff in them and were RUNNING and they pulled some of my clothes out and they were on the floor. not only that, but the dryers still run through the time even if they’re not on.

and i can’t do anything because i don’t know who it is!!! that is the most frustrating part. arg!!!