wrong wrong wrong

so i feel very confident about this job, and i know i shouldn’t. i don’t know why, but i am very calm and at ease when i think about it. when i get a phone call saying i don’t get it, i don’t think i’ll be ecstatic, but i think i should be ok.

yesterday was gorgeous, so i went out and took some pics. it wasn’t as green out at the park as i thought it was going to be, but there were pretty little white flowers up, so i took some pics of them. then nate and i went to go see jane, which was an adventure. i realized on the way home i got more sun than i thought i did and my shoulders are red. haha! first sunburn of the season.

i have been thinking about packing, and priced a rental moving truck already. i know i’m getting ahead of the game, but it’s ncie to dream, eh? and liz, you will have to come visit me in grand forks if i move there. why? i’ll tell you why. they have a GOLDEN CORRAL!!!

ebay annoyances

you know what, i’m really annoyed at some ebay buyers who refuse to read the payment section of my auctions and then once they’ve won, retract on their obligation to pay because i don’t accept credit cards through paypal (because i have a personal account).

the most recent one, the auction had NO mention of paypal anywhere on the auction. here is what i wrote for payment: “Payment: I accept money orders, personal checks (to be held 10 days), Bidpay, and an additional online payment method.”

so i get an email from the winner, who, coincidentally has no feedback and registered just today on ebay, saying, “Hello Kate, I’ve just read your payment details in invoice and you don’t receive credit cards payment by paypal, why didn’t you write this on ebay page. I’m really sorry. Please sell it other buyer for this you can use second chance.”

ok, let’s read this little part: “why didn’t you write this on ebay page.”

um, because paypal isn’t mentioned ANYWHERE!!! that’s why. not all sellers on ebay have to accept paypal. you know, i’m just getting more and more fed up with ebay and i wish they didn’t own paypal. monopoly!!


well, my interview went well. i was their first interviewee, which can be either bad or good. they will be done at the end of this week and i will know by may 1.

but i’m not getting my hopes up, cuz everytime i do, they come crashing down to earth and bomb my self-esteem. so, i feel good, but not too good.

happy earth day

“The Earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it” (Psalm 24:1)

“Each of you has received a special gift, so like good stewards responsible for all the different gifts of God, put yourselves at the service of others” (I Pet. 4:10-11)

We are stewards of this Earth. Since the beginning of time, the Earth has been our home, and there’s not another place we’d rather be. Up until this time, there has been little that we have done to change our conditions; it is a sturdy Earth. People have been few and done little that could damage such a hardy planet that has withstood billions of years hurtling through space and been plummeted with hundreds of thousands of asteroids.

But now we are at a crossroads. The decisions we make as people as a whole could once and for all change the outcome of our home, our planet we call Earth. Population levels have gotten to the point where the Earth may not be able to handle the amount of people its plains and mountains have held, especially in concentrated areas such rld. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead.

Above all, be courageous. Be courageous to take a stand, stand out and stand your ground. The Earth is depending on you, the steward of the Earth.

worky work

so what has me most excited about the possibility of getting a at UND (and believe me, it is NOT the landscape), is the fact the UND offers a PhD in english. one of the benefits of working there is the ability to take 3 classes per calendar year tuition free. that would mean it would take me up to 7 years to complete it (maybe i’d pay for classes myself too), but i would have a phd in english. and i’d finally be an english major!

here is the website of the dept. i’m interviewing with

take a look at the work samples page to get an idea of what this place puts out. i can do that. yes i can. kate i am. i like green eggs and ham.

earth day is coming!!! along iwth a copy of my column that ran in the newsleaders this week!! 😀


there i am in print. kind of a bastardized version of what i wrote, but you will get to see it in its full glory on sunday.


i have an interview at UND for a graphic design position. i need samples of vector artwork, which is basically illustration done on a computer. thing is, i am not a highly creative person. so, any ideas as to what i can “draw” for a vector sample?? i was thinking something earthy, like with a tree in it, but i am open to any and all suggestions!


i was skeptical at first, since i HATE that dumb fergie my humps song, but alanis is awesome here. way to make fun of dumb hiphop songs. 🙂