you never know what you’ll find!

the top shelf in my pantry cupboard has been wiggly since the day i moved in. instead of dealing with it then, i decided to just fill it up and deal with it. tonight i finally decided to figure out what was going on.

turns out the builder drilled support holes along the door since the shelves were so long (the shelves go back past the door to the right to the wall). the shelf was too flush with the wall for it to sit on the support properly. i banged around and shoved things around and got the stupid shelf to sit properly. thanks, builders! you’d think they’d get that in there right.

at the same time, it was an opportune moment to clean out the crap in my pantry. tossed a lot of old food and open food. then i found a couple hershey bars i’d forgotten i’d hidden for smores! haha. also, have a gigantic reeses pb cup i got for christmas. mmmm. 

now my pantry’s cleaned for the most part, my fridge is cleared out of crap, and i have some candy. can’t beat that!

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