i went to my first real-life yoga class today.

in the past i’ve done a video – i had a VHS a long time ago, and then i bought a dvd maybe 10 years ago. the thing i found wrong with going along with a video was that i got bored pretty quickly.

so fast forward to last october when my doc said “no running” even though i’d been running on my heel spur for the entire time i’d been running. so for two weeks, i test drove youtube vids of yoga. tried about 3 or 4 before i found fightmaster yoga, and i’ve been doing it ever since. believe me; three months of me doing yoga is a long time.

then i decided it was time to actually go to a class to make sure i was doing it correctly. lord knows i wobble a lot and my legs are probably out of alignment a lot of the time. after some poking around, i found a place here in st charles. 

i told my mom about it, who’s been wanting to do yoga for 40 years apparently, and we signed up. 

it was awesome! it was about an hour and 15 mins, and it seemed like a lot less time. i was worried the leader was going to be a ton more abrasive than lesley fightmaster, who is the master (haha) of soothing instruction. but she was really good. 

we are going back!

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