year in review

well! despite a lackluster apocalypse on dec. 21, 2012 rounded out to be a pretty good year. let’s recap.

1. year started off pretty cruddy. i can’t remember exactly when, but i was informed that i would be changing my work hours from noon-8 p.m. to 3-11 p.m. SUCK. that was pretty much the last straw. there had been little things at work that had bugged me, but i put up with them because my hours were decent and i liked a lot of the people (note: i did not say ALL).

2. so, i started a job search. job searches suck, especially when you’re being picky.

3. nate and i saw even less of each other (if that is possible).

4. in the meantime, i lost a total of about 50 lbs. because of running, and so….

5. i ran a few 5ks! woo! time sucks, but that’s ok! i finished and that’s all that matters.

6. and i had a phone interview with mayo, which turned out to be nothing, then an interview with RCTC, which turned out to be awesome.

7. started at RCTC in june.

8. subsequently, i lived in 3 places for about 5 months. that SUCKED.

9. ralph got a liver infection πŸ™ but he was cured with some antibiotics

10. our house finally sold and we made about $4,00 off it! woohoo! paid back grandma and paid off the credit card i’d been buying gas with over the summer

11. nate and i had to live in austin for 3 weeks (BLEAH) with our stuff in storage

12. but now nate and i are in rochester, and he tolerates his job better than st. cloud and i enjoy my job. the cats are cramped, but they will survive, and i will try to survive with a smaller kitchen and no garage (le sigh)

all in all, not a bad year! despite the massive amounts of driving and trekking around the state, i’d say the positives outweigh the negatives at this point.

2 thoughts on “year in review

  1. Jane

    yay for your 2012! i’ve decided my 2012 was a ‘meh’ year. nothing real exciting for me, but partook in some grand adventures involving travel, friends, and family. just think! 5 months left of the best year of your life! (according to a study i found online)

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