write away

this morning i went to a writing workshop with michael perry, author of “population 485” and “coop” and “truck” etc. 2 things i got out of the session that i need to work on – write more (i don’t write nearly enough) and revision’s nasty. the theme of the workshop was that you don’t need to live in an exciting place to make good writing. it’s all about taking the mundane, regular, everyday things and presenting them correctly (rhetoric!!). he suggested Β taking a creative nonfiction class (done) and attending writing conferences (eek). his first 3 books were self-published (in a different time….with his own funds at a printer) and an agent approached HIM after seeing his freelance work.

i had fan girl moment. he said that he has been to neil gaiman’s house on occasion and done things with him. it took everything in me not to be all *SQUEEE* ish, as the room was full of serious, nodding writers (seriously, a few published authors and scereenwriters were there – i am small beans).

1. i need to write more 2. maybe look into submitting essays to magazines or newspapers or online places 3. i have a day job and that will severely cramp my wanting to do this, but we’ll forge ahead and see what happens.

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