woo money

got my federal tax return back today! that only took about a week and a half, which i think is the quickest i’ve ever gotten a federal return back. unfortunately, a chunk if it is gone to paying some bills, but what can you do. i should have enough to get a new mac at least.

in a couple weeks i’m going to start some of my garden plants indoors. has anyone done this before? i tried three years ago, and while they popped up, they didn’t do much else. any tips or tricks? i think this time around i’m going to put a heating pad underneath the plants, so hopefully that’ll help a little.

in celebration of my tax return, i stopped at a&w for supper tonight. that stuff is delicious, especially their onion rings. yum yum.

wow, this was a pretty mundane post. here’s some linkage for you. one of my fave etsy shops is open for business again: somnambulant

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