why you should make your own cheesecake!

cheesecake is so yummy and delicious, and people have a preconception that cheesecake is very difficult to make. take those preconceptions and toss them straight out the window!

i make a cheesecake for easter every year, and every year i am always amazed at how easy it really it.


seven ingredients. the hardest thing you have to do is crush up some graham crackers for the crust.

the post mixing can be a bit unorthodox if you’re just used to pouring something in a pan and shoving it in the oven. you need to give the cake a water bath. so i place my cheesecake pan in a large piece of foil, then place that in my roaster pan. boil some water and fill the roaster til the water’s halfway up the side of the cheesecake pan.


why the sudden infatuation with cheesecake? well, easter’s coming up, but also i’m baking one for a competition at work, which is styled like iron chef. we got pretzels, choco chips, and bacon to incorporate into a baked good. 

i used the pretzels for the crust, melted the chocolate chips for a ganache topping, and the bacon will be used for a garnish. here’s hoping for the win!


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