where am i? what am i doing?

what is especially weird about this job/moving transition i’m doing is that at any given moment, i have to do a double-take: where do i live again?

when i was up in st cloud for my grandma’s funeral, i had a weird moment like that. nate and i were turning into the hotel, and i was thinking, hmmm, i wonder how long it’s been since liz has been to st cloud? probably a while – i wonder why she doesn’t visit me more often? then i shook my head: i don’t live in st cloud. why would liz be visiting me here?

it’s only gotten worse. it doesn’t help that half my FB friends live in st cloud and post about things in st cloud. one of them posted she went to joan jett at grand casino. i had heard that my supervisor at st cloud tech was going to see joan jett this weekend too. in my head, i’m thinking, whoa, that’s a long drive to go see joan jett from rochester. wait a minute…this is my supervisor in st cloud. 

oh man.

i didn’t have this difficulty coming down here; rochester was so unfamiliar to me that there was no question as to which was which town. but now that i’m familiar with roch, and the place i’m moving to is very familiar to me as well, this is bound to get really confusing.

so, if i’m looking off in space wondering where i’m supposed to be in the next few months, that’s the reason why. 

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