when the urge strikes, write

When was the last time you were out and about, and suddenly thought, β€œI need to write about this!”?

i had finished my master’s degree and needed a job, so i took an overnight position at target to get through that whole needing money thing until i found a real job. 

before i’d left my graduate assistantship at the st cloud state communications office, i had gotten a list of books to read from the main writer in the office. i’d read a couple of the books on her list, both of which were real duds in my thinking. 

the next book on my list was bill bryson’s a walk in the woods. with a sigh, i picked it up, thinking it would be a failure like the others on her list. to my great and wonderful surprise, the book was a delight, and it still holds a spot on my top ten books list. 

back to target.

i had brought the book with me to work because that’s what i did: read a book in the corner during lunch while everyone else watched tv. i was finishing up the last couple chapters of the book, which is about hiking the appalachian trail, and i was suddenly struck –

– and i mean struck 

by the sudden urge to write about the trip down the missouri river i took with my dad, brother, cousin, and uncles. 


it was such a strong feeling, i almost couldn’t finish the book with the excitement i had about putting that story down into words. 

needless to say, i was able to finish the book and my night of mindless work, and the finished written product was a bathroom review: or why i don’t mind a portapotty.

within a month i found a better job, quit target, and was more than satisfied with my tale of floating down the missouri river.


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