weekender update

woowee would you get a load of that weather! i went outside for a run today  because it was gorgeous out, and that was rough. ah well – it will get better. i still was able to get a little more than a 12 minute mile, which isn’t too shabby. gotta notch it up for a 10k that’s happening in three weeks though :/

went to lacrosse yesterday for a thing on “it works”, and i’m going to try out the carb inhibitor. lord knows i eat too many carbs. 

speaking of carbs, i made banana bread for the occasion. i somewhat followed the ATK recipe. i replaced half the butter with applesauce and reduced the sugar by 1/4 cup. it was very banana-y!



then i saw these guys:

seedbird cardinal

and i think that’s it for an update! once i get my “it works” stuff, i’ll probably be doing updates with that. 

One thought on “weekender update

  1. That banana bread was awesome. And I wish I would have had the Fat Fighters that weekend… could have helped with all said bread that I consumed. Plus, I think that the demo would have been fun in person.

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