weather, running, and tree-hugger crap

so call me a pansy. it was 50ΒΊ here today and the sun was out, but it was so windy that i decided to run 6 miles on my treadmill instead of outside. bad form? probably. but i hate running in the wind. it really blows (ahahaaa see what i did there). 

other than the wind, the weather looks fantastic this coming week. 65 on tuesday, great running weather the rest of the week. i’m not surprised at how quickly it warmed up, considering the rest of the winter was kind of weeny. i was listening to mpr the other day, and paul hutner the weather dude was on. he said that this winter, the frost line was only 5″ down. here’s an indication of how insane that is: when building a deck, i need to put concrete 42″ in the ground to get beneath the frost line. so 5″ is REALLY tiny. thanks el niΓ±o??

the meeting for my community garden is in early april. i feel like if the weather continues the way it is, this could be bumped up a little bit.

in other news, the land stewardship project is hosting a “land ethic at work” workshop on april 2, which i might go to! it seems really interesting and is at eagle bluff envrionmental center in lanesboro. i applied for a scholarship to go, since it’s a chunk of change to go it, but even if i don’t get a scholarship, i’ll see if i can pull together some funds. (i’d be sad if i can’t.) 

let’s go spring!

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