hello, blogees! this week was cold at first, mid 20s on overnight, and then by sunday it will be id 70s. that’s minnesota for you! hurr hurr hurr.

my monsanto research was sidetracked by watching “hemlock grove” on netflix. they are trying to be true blood/dexter, and it kind of works? either way, i watched all 13 episodes in 3 days. now back to the grindstone with monsanto.

i’m going to a fancy thing on friday! i get to get dressed up and everything. wearing my fancy red shoes, woowoo. my mom’s new work hosts a fundraiser auction once a year and i get to go keep my dad company. i’m hoping it’ll be fun and maybe there will be something cheap enough there for me to bid on.

then 5k on sunday morning, which i am excited about because the weather’s supposed to be awesome (but windy – bleh). might make it worth it having to get up at 7:30 on a weekend. i’m hoping for sub-13min/mile time. that’s all i ask!

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