update update

well hi there! long time, no see. 

i ran another half marathon with liz, and i think our downfall was not remember to take some ibuprofin beforehand. we were not happy people crossing that finish line. also, liz was not ready as far as prepping, and she was mid-cold. lots of things working against us this year!

garden has been straightened out and some plantings are in. i’m trying some soap and bone meal to keep away the deer – we’ll see if it works. i’ve got asparagus planted, lettuce, broccoli, carrots, spinach, peas, and kolrabi. gotta wait a couple weeks for the tomatoes and peppers! it might get chilly at night for a couple more weeks! 

also, i <3 spring! i’m amazed at what’s popping up in the flowerbeds at my house. 

this blog thing is really waning and i’m sorry πŸ™ gotta get in the habit of doing it, i guess!

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