um, what now?

i packed my prompt book in a box πŸ™ all my books and movies are packed, which is a huge thing. the next huge thing is the kitchen. at this rate, i’ll be ready to move in 2 weeks.

memory_lanei am not a reminiscent person when it comes to things, so why do i have so many things? as i mentioned earlier, i like pretty things. but, i also like things neat and uncluttered for the most part. i look at some of my knick knacks and think – why? why do i have this? oh yes, it’s because so-and-so gave it to me. oh yes, it’s because i got it from my grandma. oh yes, my mom might ask me in 10 years if she can borrow it and will be severely disappointed if i no longer have it (a set of crystal glasses that i would gladly sell if not for this).

but my things are nothing compared to the YEARS of writing i have stored on my hard drive and binders full of old school papers (graded, of course). i still have my math tests from my pre-calc class i took at scsu because i like looking at my grades occasionally.

and then i take a step back. i helped liz unpack this past weekend, and i realize that i don’t have a ton of stuff. my mom has a lot of stuff. liz has more stuff than i do. it just seems like i have a lot of stuff when i’m packing it up. nate complains about the amount of stuff we own, but i have to reassure him that, no, relatively speaking, we don’t have a lot of stuff.

last time we moved, i did a massive purge. this time i might not have so much stuff to donate, but i will still have at least one trip to goodwill. i got rid of a couple books, one of which i haven’t cracked since 1999, one of which nate purchased 8 years ago with the intent to learn 3D programming and never cracked, and one that i will never read again. why keep it if it’s not going to earn its keep? do we keep things just so we can remember the memories? do we dwell on the past? should we keep things that resurface memories, even though we know we will always hold those memories? keep the memories but look to the future? i don’t know.

well this turned into a rambling mess of junk.

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