on facebook i liked the “food inc” page, and now it’s everything i can do to not read the comments. if i ran that page, i would cry each post because no matter WHAT they post, there is always someone criticizing the article linked and talking about how awful food inc is now.

i’m not going to place blame. but wait i am: self-righteous vegans. because of them, i unsubscribed from the food inc page. couldn’t stand the blaming, the hate toward non-vegans, the vitriol and verbal vomit. bleah.

PBS just posted a recipe for lemon curd today, which is DELICIOUS, i might add – i made some yesterday. i read the comments because i wanted to see how many people had a fit because it was a microwaved recipe (a lot did). (and i can see their point – i made mine on the stove and it took maybe 10 minutes. the pbs version calls to take 7 minutes.)

anyway, before i go off on a tangent over microwaving vs. stove making, the point was this comment that i saw:


speciesism??? really??

at first i thought that buying organic and/or local eggs and milk might work, but then i realized that wouldn’t be good enough for kelly. i wonder if she realizes that all plants, which are also SPECIES, die when she eats them? i think i read somewhere that the main reason cows are even alive today as a species is because humans use them for food.

anyway, i hate self-righteous vegans. let people eat what they want to eat and notΒ shame others for eating what they want to eat.

i can hardly wait – i bet someone somewhere has an internet search setup for speciesism and will find this blog, and it’ll explode with angry comments from people who want me to stop eating meat.

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