trying to do my job!

i’m going to try to keep this vague as to not call anyone out at my place of employment.*

my job is to help get people more interested in many aspects of rctc and reach out through social media, but i can’t do my job if others don’t want to have anything to do with it.

i had a perfect opportunity to create a conversation with another mnscu school – and isn’t that what social media is about? reaching across the interwebs and creating conversation?

but when it came down to it, the counterpart on rctc’s end doesn’t think this is a good way to spend time – or resources is my guess. if it were up to this person, my guess is i wouldn’t be working there and all our social accounts would be abolished.

unfortunately, after the other school reached out, i couldn’t reach back and grab halfway. instead, i left the other half hanging, waiting for that high five.

*sigh* i kind of want to go all tom cruise and say HELP ME HELP YOU!!! and also a short reminder that fun is a core value. πŸ™

*…and as in keeping with the social media policy that I WROTE, i will say that the opinion of this piece is my own and is not of rctc’s.**

**who knows – i may just delete this post after a little bit.

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