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i think i have some pie photos that i will post when i get back to a computer tomorrow, if i find my card reader somewhere. waaah i hate living out of boxes!

the day after thanskgiving is awesome because we get to have pie for breakfast – today i had pumpkin and key lime! yum! and then later on there will be many leftovers of turkey and squash (yummmm). that will be after i recover from eating my nutella, banana and strawberry crepe i had earlier today. it was ginormous and almost as yummy as squash. maybe yummier.

liz, jane and i took a tour of frisco and breckinridge today and have deduced that frisco isn’t that great for touristy stuff. but frisco had a roku for dad’s xmas present at walmart, and we got $20 off! woo! much better than a 10% employee discount! then we walked around breck where the only things i bought were food. ah well!

tomorrow we’re leaving the condo by 10 a.m. and spending the day tooling around denver for a little bit before flying out at 7:30-ish. we should get back to mn around 10:30. then sunday, and then back to work. 🙁 hopefully nate and i will be able to move in next weekend. hope hope hope.

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