1. my printer took a dump right when i got two etsy orders. i had to order the prints online. ugh.

2. making ATK’s “chewy” brownies tonight. they’re in the oven as i type. we’ll see how these turn out, since nate was pretty liberal with following the directions :/ pic and review to come tomorrow.

3. tomorrow i make banana cake with coconut cream cheese frosting for a coworker’s birthday. that’ll be interesting!

4. i’m going to attempt to make soap. i have the lard for it, and i just got some lye at menard’s. now all ineed to do is go to goodwill and get a set of dishes to make it in since you don’t want to mix your eating stuff with soap making stuff.

5. running goal this week: 6 miles. maybe tomorrow or wednesday night, depending on how i sleep. (sleeping has been elusive lately for some reason, and it’s really hitting me hard. ick.)

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