the right equipment

i know i could run with just myself, my clothes, and my shoes. i know i don’t need all the fancy accoutrement that runners have with them (i don’t count underwear and shoes as fancy). but i like to listen to music while i run. and on long runs, i need that dumb fanny pack to carry water and electrolytes for long runs. 

what does this mean? this means i have gone through a LOT of headphones to find ones that work. i’ve used the apple brand (which sophie likes to eat), skull candy, cheapo in-ear, cheapo over-the-ear, not-so-cheapo (but still inexpensive) over-the-ear. 

NOTHING is as good as a pair of big ol’ headphones (over-the-WHOLE-ear), but i’ve found that the over-the-ear ‘phones work well. 

but that dang cord. 

i’ve always wanted to try out a pair of bluetooth to see if it’s worth the fuss. so when one of my amazon review groups had a pair up for grabs, oh boy did i grab. i got a decent pair for a pretty reduced price so i could review them.

after i charged the ‘phones, they were pretty easy to sync with my phone. much easier than trying to sync the selfie stick we got at work! unfortunately for my poor iphone 4s, the gps is bad, so i had to turn off the sync with that and sync with the 3gs to go for my run tonight. it synced just as easily. instead of putting my armband, i shoved my phone in my running fanny pack and took off. 

it was a bit choppy at first, but once i got into my running groove and got my pack placement figured out (it’s always such a pain to get situated), it worked like a charm. they have a little flap that sticks in your ear above the earbud that helps to keep it in place, which is nice because i always have problems with just earbuds tending to fall out.

it was nice to not have a cord flopping around in front of my shirt and it was nice to not have to mess around with that armband! i think that was the best part of this! now, granted, if i’m going for a short run, i’ll still wear the armband, but anything is better than nothing!

 i still want to test it out with my iphone 4S, since it’s possible the bluetooth on the 3Gs is just a little bit on the crappy side.

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