the light

when i leave work these days, the sun is still far enough above the horizon to make my heart say, “yay!” i love the extra light we start getting at the end of december. already it seems like there is so much extra light that i should be out planting or doing something in the evenings instead of hermitting myself in my house.

today was warm – i think the high was around 45ΒΊ. that’s enough to make me go stir crazy and to remind myself “oh! that’s right! eventually this ends!” so this afternoon i went for a run outside. i did wear a little too much headgear and i was sweating by the end, but overall i wore the right amount of clothing for the run (sometimes i end up not wearing enough and my skin is cold to the touch and bright red when i strip off my sweaty clothing).  

it wasn’t a bad run, but it wasn’t a great run. i was running entirely too fast for the first run outside in two or three months. i heard runkeeper give my pace after five minutes and was completely surprised that i was keeping it around a 12 minute mile (i was expecting a 13-minute mile). (as an aside, it’s awesome to have runkeeper back in my regular phone without having to switch sims and hope that the app doesn’t crash before i get done.) after i got up to an average pace of 12:05 after two miles, i tried to slow down a bit. it sort of worked, but not really.

i took a look at the long-term forecast, and it looks like the temp is heading downward again, but it’s nice to have a moment of respite to remind oneself of how it was and how it will be. 

here’s to more light in the days!

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