thanksgiving food

thanksgiving! i made a tart! and also jane and i spatchcocked a turkey!

tart crust

i made a pumpkin pecan tart from martha stewart that i was highly skeptical of because it used sweetened condensed milk. i should’ve know martha wouldn’t have let me down. it was delish! 5 stars; would make again. i bought a tart pan specifically for this, and it worked swimmingly. perhaps i’ll be making more tarts in the future!

now on to the turkey. i wanted to make a spatchcock turkey last year, but i just didn’t get to it. so this year, i made a point of doing it. i brined my turkey like usual, then jane i hacked away at the spine to get it out. and you know what? a flattened 20-lb bird is darn big. so we cut down the breast bone as well so we had two halves of the bird. 


then, i seasoned it using my herbs de provence recipe like always, then shoved the two halves into the oven on two different baking sheets. still took up a lot of room, but at least the oven racks were in reasonable positions. 


the nice thing about a spatchcock turkey? it was done in about an hour and a half (and probably could’ve come out earlier).


mmmmm! turkey was a success!

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