December 16, 2016

the 1/5 compromise electoral college

WELP. let’s get political and talk about the electoral college. why? because i THOUGHT i knew why it was in place and actually tended to agree, being a rural person, then i read something that contradicted it, so now i’m out for the TRUTH. in this world of fake news, i’m hoping that can provide you with some facts and more truthiness than trumpiness (read – lies).  right now, hillary clinton has a popular vote margin of 2.8 million votes. MILLION!! al gore had 500,000 more votes than GW in 2000. GW won by SCOTUS appointment in 2000, and now DT will win by electoral college in 2016.  at…

November 30, 2016

pffft stockholm syndrome

for my last day of kablpomo, i’m going to do the thing that i said i would do before this month started! commence…. beauty and the beast! i’m going to blog as i watch it because i’m running out of time! we are watching for weird sexual references (like raping the feather duster) and analyzing stockholm syndrome. mmm i love this beginning! here’s the point of the story: the enchantress told him not to be deceived by appearances! beauty is found within! she had seen there was no love in his heart!  “if he could learn to love another and earn her love in return by the time the last…

November 16, 2016

a chance to go beyond the safety pin!

here’s something i just wrote on my facebook wall for tomorrow’s give to the max day here in MN: hi friends! tomorrow’s give to the max day, and i’m at a conference tomorrow so i’m going to post about this now in case i can’t get to it. now is a great time to throw some weight behind that safety pin! donate to organizations that support and help the vulnerable and disadvantaged populations, since 1) they always need it and 2) funding cuts are most likely on the way. for instance, you can donate to my mom’s org, PossAbilities, that helps people with disabilities. or your area food shelf, women’s…

November 14, 2016

beyond the safety pin

today at work, i had an email waiting for me among the 150 new ones from last week while i was gone asking to use the safety pin imagery across the college to show support for our minority students. from the president of the college. i hated to break it to her, but the safety pin thing has kind of taken a turn for the not great.  the safety pin thing was taken from brits after brexit who wanted to support immigrants after the angst that was brexit (britain exiting from the EU basically kicks out all non-brits). after trump won the election, anti-trumpers co-opted it for themselves showing that…

November 2, 2016

you win this round, olmsted county

one of the things rochester has on st cloud? it’s got a lot less hate.  in rochester, there are so many different kinds of people because of the clinic, and they all get along, so it seems. i remember the first few months in roch wondering what was so weird about the town, and it was because all the people looked incredibly different from each other – even the white people. this was kind of a shock coming from central minnesota, where everyone looks at least vaguely german. features were a lot more sharp, pointed, almost severe in rochester. and it was nothing to be at any given store and…

September 30, 2016

no. the worst thing you can do for democracy is not vote.

i am getting bombarded on twitter. because i was feeling the bern, i am pretty disenchanted with hillary. bernie was everything i was looking for in a candidate: open, candid, fired up and pretty consistent on the issues i care about. hillary is a little cagey, a little waffle-ish, and part of a weird, orchestrated DFL primary campaign. i would have proudly voted for bernie. now i’m weary AND wary and not sure what i should do. i have my absentee ballot on my kitchen table, all the ovals filled in next to state campaigns’ DFL candidates, judges chosen, amendment oval decided, ready to go into the three levels of…

September 3, 2016

we are all jacob

for every minnesotan ages 35-40: you know. i was 10 years old when jacob wetterling went missing in october 1989. it was unreal: a boy just one year older than me disappeared from a small town in minnesota, riding his bike back from the local video store. it could’ve been any one of my classmates. it could’ve been me.  posters went up around the school, his smiling face greeting me every time i climbed the stairs to reading class. the news was loud and insistent with its vigilant coverage, and we saw his parents on tv. it could’ve been my parents.  i didn’t know him. but i did know him. he could’ve…

August 17, 2016

in which college perceptions are challenged

i could make the case that i was one of those high school students. one of those elitists. not going to college was never a question. going to a two-year community college? not on the table. i didn’t know where i wanted to go; i did college visits at a couple state universities, considered out of state colleges, and finally settled on a  small, private, liberal arts college.  yes, i was one of those. tuition and room and board my first year was $18k/year. when i left, it was $22k. now? $46k. unfathomable.  but still, the idea of going to a four-year college and getting that well-rounded, liberal arts college for…

August 7, 2016


i love watching the olympics. even with the controversy in sochi, i watched. now with the controversy in rio, i watch. not because i don’t think that what those countries are doing are ok; i watch because i want to support the athletes and the coming together of all the countries.  i love the opening ceremonies, when we get to see each country’s best athletes come together. despite the animosity among leaders and bombs pointed at each other, we agree to meet for a little friendly athletic competition. [but let’s diverge here a moment and talk about how much NBC SUUUU-UUUCKS. i don’t have cable. i live in a hole….

July 19, 2016


sometimes you just have to take a step back and shake your head at the world. there have¬†been so many¬†negative events in the news lately, from the recent shootings to people being forced out of twitter due to online bullying. the gut-wrenching death of philando castile hit too close to home, and every day i refrain from posting something political due to the “is this it? would this be the tweet/FB post that gets attention in the wrong way?” thoughts. it’s overwhelming sometimes, even if it doesn’t affect day-to-day actions or the time-numbing routines the average person has fallen into. it pulls me down, thinking about the conflicts, the senseless…