ok 2014…

…let’s do this. i’m not calling my resolutions resolutions; they are going to be guidelines. it sounds less intimidating that way.

1. the oldie but goodie: take more pictures!!!

2. write in my blog EVERY DAY. this is the 10-year anniversary of me starting to blog, and as such i am going to attempt to be a daily blogger.

3. put in a garden in my back yard. put gutters on the house. those are my two house goals.

4. attempt another chip-timed 10k – one that’s not so crappy.

5. go somewhere. travel to somewhere. hop in my car and drive to somewhere. get out of my bubble. explore more. (maybe take on a second job so i can afford the gas…)

6. finish my devils syrup book. i can do it!
7. promote my photog stuff more. i’ll need to prep the basement as a sort of studio, but i’d like to do more official photography fir people.

commence kablpomo!

because my house life is a shambles right now, with boxes lining the walls and conquering the porch every day as i try to kick off my shoes, kablpomo seems a little hopeless to me. nanowrimo seems light years away, although i will attempt to do some writing on my devil’s syrup book this month, and i haven’t cracked a book in at least week.

at this point, because everything’s all over the place, it’s easier to come home from work, throw my stuff in the corner (because, really, does it make a difference since everything’s a mess anyway?), pet a cat, and plop on the couch to spend an hour deciding what to watch on netflix.

then spend an hour surfing reddit.

then spend an hour creeping people on facebook and twitter.

then spend an hour finding the best price on an obscure movie i watched 28 years ago.

then time to go to bed, and if i bring my phone, spend another hour on reddit.

what did i accomplish? well, i got my money’s worth of bandwidth from charter.

when did my brain make a switch from thinking reading and writing was fabulous to boring? why will i put down a book to pick up my phone to look at inane stuff that, ultimately, i don’t really care about?

image by Audrey Westcott - http://www.studlife.com/author/audreywestcott/

image by Audrey Westcott – http://www.studlife.com/author/audreywestcott/

way back in the year 2000, the american psychological association was already studying the effects of internet addiction. this was back when modems, chat rooms, and waiting until after you got home from work to check your personal emails were still a thing. if they were studying it THEN, when every person didn’t have a personal internet machine in his or her pocket, i can only image the effects now.

looking at some more recent coverage, there are some places that actually have internet withdrawal programs.

Bradford Regional Medical Center, has become the first in the U.S. to treat severe Internet addiction through a 10-day inpatient program. Patients admitted to the voluntary behavorial health treatment center must first undergo a “digital detox” that prohibits Internet use for at least 72 hours, followed by therapy sessions and educational seminars to “help them get their Internet compulsion under control.”

“Like any other addiction, we look at whether it has jeopardized their career, whether they lie about their usage, or whether it inteferes with relationships,” Young explained.

Internet Addiction DisorderΒ (IAD) was first coined as a joke by Dr. Ivan Goldberg in 1995.

well har har, dr. ivan. who’s laughing now? not me, that’s for sure. the internet hasn’t jeopardized my career (quite the opposite!), i don’t lie about my usage, and the only relationship MY usage has interfered with is my self relationship (nate’s usage is another story πŸ˜‰ ).

like all addictive substances, go through withdrawal and then stay away from it. willpower! willpower! but how on earth does a person stay away from the internet this day in age, especially when my job relies on it? it certainly doesn’t help that i’ve probably got a brain that tends toward addiction.

until that day comes, i’ll use that useless, addiction-crazy willpower of mine and attempt to corral my personal usage – attempt being the keyword. i’m not giving up the internet, but i can try to put it in its place. i win, internet. i win.


aaaand it’s the beginning of the new year, where i make my “resolutions” that are more like, hey just do more of what you’re doing. right on. well, it’s nice to have them down, right?

1. take more pics. i say this every year. every year i can take more pics. i don’t think anyone can take too many pics.

2. run a real 10k. as in a chipped race. i’ve run 10k (and it wasn’t fun). but let’s get up to legitimate 10k. then we’ll talk half marathons. first i have to get running again. it’s been a month! icky!

3. make a housing plan. i’m already tired of renting. so are the cats

4. pay off some debt so the housing plan can get together! one plus of renting: cheap.

5. write in my blog every other day at least! that’s asking a lot of myself, i know. i can do every day in november, but to commit year-round is heavy. but i can only try.

ETA: 6. REDDIT LESS. good god, reddit less. ack.

a high-res olution

this year, i’m going to cook more stuff that requires some thought, and i’m going to take pictures of it (note my punny LJ title). hopefully by the time christmas rolls around next year, i’ll be able to put together a cookbook of sorts to give to family members. not that all of them would USE it, but it’s the thought that will count, right liz?

the big thing is remembering to take pictures of the stuff i cook. i made a fabulous looking pork roast tonight that would’ve looked divine in a picture and was tasty to boot, and the camera was nowhere near and nate was hungry.

that’s a resolution that i would enjoy and probably follow through with. we’ll see what happens. maybe the HOUSEBLOG turned POLITIBLOG will turn into FOODBLOG.

and here’s some christmas pics.


today i will
finish this post and go to bed.

tomorrow i will
visit my grandma who just got out of the hospital and check out the deals at the closing world market in town.

next week i will
mail liz’s package, prepare my father’s bday gift, and set out my recycling

in the next month i will
call my landlord about realtors he works with to ensure an easier move out, go to my parents’ for easter and dad’s bday, look forward to spring, clean my duplex, visit melissa, work like normal.

in the next six months i will
pay off a chunk of bills, welcome jane back from NZ and go to her grad, start the house-buying process, take more photos, maybe get a new lens, have my birthday, start to enjoy my last year before the big 3–0.

in the next year i will
buy a house, get a raise, maybe buy a new mattress set.

in the next five years i will
plant a garden, start a compost pile, go on a trip somewhere, look into having kids (???), possibly get a new job if it’s in the cards.

before i die i will
sell photos to people i don’t know, publish a book, go to machu pichu, get off the “grid”, visit new york.

(for a person who doesn’t make long-term plans, writing this past a week was pretty difficult.)

2008 goals

things i want to do this year:

1. visit the lost forty
2. buy a house

pretty short. i’d say go on a honeymoon, but i don’t know if that’s going to happen with the house goal. someone needs to sponsor my honeymoon. i was going to go to the black hills this summer, but i don’t know if even that’s fiscally doable. ugh.

time for bed.


my goals for the next year:

1. get a good job that pays well and that i like
2. move out of my hovel and into a better apt. or rent a house for 6 months
3. buy a house
4. go on a honeymoon already (or have it planned)
5. have a christmas tree

now, that doesn’t seem too difficult, does it?


my goal is to try to update this thing every day. and more social commentary, witty comments and the like. now whether or not i will accomplish this is yet to be seen. if you want me to comment on a particular subject, feel free to prod me about it.

i’ll still post about my job search and any future endeavors involving former workplaces πŸ™‚

i’m watching csi right now – hear about the csi effect? jury members are letting obviously guilty criminals go because the forensics dept. and police can’t produce results like they do on csi. are these jury members stupid? no one can magnify a photo x600 and have the resolution be perfect.