god lives

all my life i have been raised on a religion with a definite knowledge of god. since i stopped living at home, i have been less “religious”, so to speak. i did start to question things more. i knew there was a higher power, but really, what is there to “prove” this. so you could put me in a not-so-religious box for about 2-3 years. i would have moments where i thought, is there really a god? is there really something after life here?

well today, i am definitely condoning god.

i went with my mom to her friend’s dad’s funeral, and afterward we were sitting with a group of people for the lunch thingie. lisa is louise’s (mom’s friend) cousin. joan is louise’s coworker at church where louise is the pastor.

out of the blue, lisa starts talking to yvonne about joan’s health problems. she’s telling her specifics, like she has to get her heartburn checked out. she has to get the lump on her back where her bra strap is checked out. she has to have a doctor look at the headaches she has behind her eyes. lisa was telling her this and joan was nodding her head saying she knows she needs to do this.

at first i thought, hm, maybe they talked about joan’s health problems at the wake?

no. this is the first time they’ve met and they know nothing about each other.

lisa tells joan she’s going to have 5 kids, but she’s really already accepted 3 as her own [not her biological]. to which joan nodded and said their names. then lisa starts to talk about joan’s husband and how’s he’s verbally abusive. she said it’s been on a downward spiral since a specific date (i can’t remember, november something). joan says that’s the day her hubby’s dad died. lisa talks about joan’s husband and how he was abused as a child. this goes on for more than half an hour.

knowing miss cleo is a fake and having never been a witness to a spiritual liason, this is absolutely amazing. god lives!

**Edited to change names. i thought this might be a little personal on their parts. πŸ™‚ just in case.