my half marathon training is 12 weeks long, but i’ve given myself an additional 2-3 weeks to get it done. so far i’ve been on task and completed two weeks, which were a 3m-2m-3m rest rest 4m rest. next up we go to 3.5m-2m-3.5m rest rest 5m for a couple weeks. and so on.

a half marathon is a little more than 13 miles, and my schedule has me running just 10 miles the week before. at that point, i’m sure another three miles is just peanuts, but i added the extra couple weeks so that i could ramp it up to maybe 12 miles the week before the race. 

in other news, i might die at this thing. i’m not confident i can do it.

but, in other other news, i got NEW SHOES, which is like running on pillows, and a new sports bra, which is like when you’ve worn the same old bra for two years and you finally get a new one in the correct size. GLORIOUS. also, it converts into a racerback, which is nice. 

i’ve got the equipment (besides my space-cat running pants) and i’ve got the program. do i have the motivation?

(as an aside, i’ve also decided it would be wise to lose maybe 20 lbs before the race since it’s easier to run when you’re lighter. so far i haven’t seen a lot of progress on that front, but i’m guessing when i start running 20+ miles a week, the pounds might slide off easier. or i’ll just eat more pancakes since i’ve burned 3000 calories/week. who knows.)


the light

when i leave work these days, the sun is still far enough above the horizon to make my heart say, “yay!” i love the extra light we start getting at the end of december. already it seems like there is so much extra light that i should be out planting or doing something in the evenings instead of hermitting myself in my house.

today was warm – i think the high was around 45ΒΊ. that’s enough to make me go stir crazy and to remind myself “oh! that’s right! eventually this ends!” so this afternoon i went for a run outside. i did wear a little too much headgear and i was sweating by the end, but overall i wore the right amount of clothing for the run (sometimes i end up not wearing enough and my skin is cold to the touch and bright red when i strip off my sweaty clothing).  

it wasn’t a bad run, but it wasn’t a great run. i was running entirely too fast for the first run outside in two or three months. i heard runkeeper give my pace after five minutes and was completely surprised that i was keeping it around a 12 minute mile (i was expecting a 13-minute mile). (as an aside, it’s awesome to have runkeeper back in my regular phone without having to switch sims and hope that the app doesn’t crash before i get done.) after i got up to an average pace of 12:05 after two miles, i tried to slow down a bit. it sort of worked, but not really.

i took a look at the long-term forecast, and it looks like the temp is heading downward again, but it’s nice to have a moment of respite to remind oneself of how it was and how it will be. 

here’s to more light in the days!

the right equipment

i know i could run with just myself, my clothes, and my shoes. i know i don’t need all the fancy accoutrement that runners have with them (i don’t count underwear and shoes as fancy). but i like to listen to music while i run. and on long runs, i need that dumb fanny pack to carry water and electrolytes for long runs. 

what does this mean? this means i have gone through a LOT of headphones to find ones that work. i’ve used the apple brand (which sophie likes to eat), skull candy, cheapo in-ear, cheapo over-the-ear, not-so-cheapo (but still inexpensive) over-the-ear. 

NOTHING is as good as a pair of big ol’ headphones (over-the-WHOLE-ear), but i’ve found that the over-the-ear ‘phones work well. 

but that dang cord. 

i’ve always wanted to try out a pair of bluetooth to see if it’s worth the fuss. so when one of my amazon review groups had a pair up for grabs, oh boy did i grab. i got a decent pair for a pretty reduced price so i could review them.

after i charged the ‘phones, they were pretty easy to sync with my phone. much easier than trying to sync the selfie stick we got at work! unfortunately for my poor iphone 4s, the gps is bad, so i had to turn off the sync with that and sync with the 3gs to go for my run tonight. it synced just as easily. instead of putting my armband, i shoved my phone in my running fanny pack and took off. 

it was a bit choppy at first, but once i got into my running groove and got my pack placement figured out (it’s always such a pain to get situated), it worked like a charm. they have a little flap that sticks in your ear above the earbud that helps to keep it in place, which is nice because i always have problems with just earbuds tending to fall out.

it was nice to not have a cord flopping around in front of my shirt and it was nice to not have to mess around with that armband! i think that was the best part of this! now, granted, if i’m going for a short run, i’ll still wear the armband, but anything is better than nothing!

 i still want to test it out with my iphone 4S, since it’s possible the bluetooth on the 3Gs is just a little bit on the crappy side.

running update

at the end of march, i ran a 10k race. after a winter of treadmilling it, i was able to run 10k at least once before the race, which i did around the track at the high school. liz and i finished the race with decent time, and it was the first time she’d actually run that far.

and since liz is a masochist, she wants me to train to run a half marathon with her. 

so, this summer i guess i start training for a half marathon. i had already thought about the fact that i needed to start running at least three miles every time i went out, but this sort of pushed the matter. but the matter with this matter is my muscle fatigue.

after five miles, my  muscles decide enough is enough, and it’s time to sit down and lie on the ground for an hour. that just won’t do if i’m supposed to be running twice that distance. so i googled it and asked facebook advice from the runners on my friends list, and really i just came to a simple realization.

i need to just run longer distances more.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 10.37.18 PMi did decide to bring along a water bottle and some refueling snacks for the longer runs. the general advice out there is if you’re going to be running for more than an hour, you need to bring water and something to eat (but especially water so you don’t get deyhdrated). 

i bought a nice looking fancy fanny pack for the water bottle and foodstuffs, as well as a place to hold my key (yay!) when i’m starting from the high school parking lot. i went out a couple weeks ago on a 6-mile run, and it actually worked pretty well. i stopped twice for water and eating, and when i got back to my car, i was still fatigued, but a little less so. (that was when i had my realization about long distances.)

last week, i ran 3+ miles every day i went out, and two of the days were 4+ miles. my body hated me by the end of the week. 

(as an aside, this week has been horrible windy, so i went out for the first time today. i am not going back to the treadmill til i have to.)

so this summer, bring on the long distances. 

let's go for a run!

i was out two weeks running for my foot issue back in october. last month was just frigid, so my outside running opportunities were close to nil, and i had to force myself to get on the treadmill (well, i’d rather run on the treadmill and be warm). i was really disappointed that my outdoor running for this past fall was cut so short.

then i saw that this weekend was supposed to be 40s out and no snow on the ground. i wasn’t incapacitated! i wasn’t sick! i threw on my running clothes and headed outside. 

there is just something about running outside that is leaps and bounds (literally) ahead of treadmill running. the air is fresh. it blows in your face so you aren’t stewing in your sweat more than need be. there is more than the wall to look at. you’d think that running on a treadmill would be easier running, but it’s not, so i had a better time of actually getting my feet on the ground. i could weave all over the path and not worry about stepping off the side and falling to my death via moving machine. 

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 10.58.30 PMneedless to say, my mid-december run was glorious. it wasn’t too cold, the asphalt wasn’t frozen, and there was moisture in the air so i wasn’t running with a raw throat. it was foggy, so visibility wasn’t great, but it meant i didn’t have to worry about sunglasses. i was just outside of a mile and a half when i realized i should probably turn around and head home because the sun set 4:30, otherwise i would’ve made this a four mile run. curse you axial tilt! 

i got home – my cheeks were chilly and my glasses foggy, but overall it was a really good run. my time wasn’t the greatest, but what do you expect from two months of on and off running on a crappy treadmill? 

here’s to outside running! *huzzah*

i am so not ready

this summer has been really awful for running. i’ve been going three times a week, but they’re short runs, and i have a 10k coming up in a couple weeks that i’m really hoping i can pull off.

as it is, getting a run in outside by the time dark falls is starting to be a challenge. no longer is the sun out until 9 p.m. πŸ™ i’m not looking forward to treadmill running.

so, next week i have to ramp it up and hopefully get some real miles under my belt. the weather’s supposed to be somewhat decent, not like this humid, hot week, with highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s. praise calliope.

i ran 6 miles once this summer so far, so i know it can be done. it’s just a matter of doing it. here’s hoping!


i don’t know what’s been going on with my body lately, but my runs have been really rough lately. i’ve been trying to eat earlier so i don’t have to worry about having a full stomach on my runs, and i’ve even taken aspirin before heading out in hopes that it would at least dull the overall pounding my body does on the pavement.

so, i figure it’s one of two things:

a. i need more sleep. this is highly likely. i’ve been sleeping like crap lately, and i really need to catch up on lost sleep from the last month, which i just haven’t been able to get around to doing. i try to get to sleep around 11 each night, but for some reason my brain doesn’t want me to go to sleep until midnight. thanks, brain. idiot.

b. i need new shoes. new shoes make everything better usually, but i know my current ones still have some life left in them. but, i will need some fairly quickly, and my knees haven’t been giving me too much grief lately. 

or it could be a combination of the two, which is probably right. i’ve been avoiding the hills lately by driving down to the school and taking off either on the track or running around town. town is more exciting, but the track sure is nice on the feets and knees.

anyway, that’s my running update.


my 5k time was AWESOME this morning. started off with my co-runners, but after liz decided to need to slow down, i picked up and went off. after i nearly choked on my water and it dribbled down my front, i kicked it up a notch.

i hate running in the morning. unfortunately that’s when most races are held. needless to say, i was nearly croaked by the time i spied the finish line. after the gal in front of me got out the way, i booked it to the end. the timer, which is a close but not exact finish time, was closing in on 36 mins, and i wanted to beat it. i did.

later today i checked the site to see what my time was, and i did it UNDER 35!!! that is NUTS. crazytalk! that’s a pace of 11:14/mile. i have never run that! anyway, if the past two years are indicative, that will be around my average pace at the end of outdoor running season. woo!

liz and lindsey coming to the end.

daily walking

i’d been really good about getting my 10,000 steps a day in with my fitbit as inspiration. but these olympics are just putting a dent in my steps per day. if i had space for the treadmill upstairs so i could walk and watch at the same time, i totally would. if my tv area were downstairs were my treadmill was, i would also totally walk/run and watch at the same time.

ALAS, it’s not to be. so for the next week, i guess i’ll be a schlub. after the olympics are done, time to get back in gear with my treadmill time. of course, by that time, it might be 40 degrees out already and i could take a run around st charles! (i’m really really looking forward to outside running.)

by request, a running update

i got an anonymous* request for some of my current running tips and routine.

i’ve written a couple posts with running tips, so i’ll link and summarize:

1. runrunrunrun – 5 top tips from kate for running.

– gamify
– gear
– go (slow)
– get pumped up
– just do it

2. on bad runs – my crappy 10k

sometimes you just have to get out there and run, even if you’re: not fueled up, tired, slow, and/or feeling gross.

3. another running post – back at it

in which i discuss how people feel the need to cheer on hefty runners, even if they can run farther than a skinny runner. that makes me feel happy and patronized at the same time.

4. it’s hard jane – getting through couch to 5k is an ordeal

my c25k experience. how long it took, how much it sucked, what ailments i endured, etc.

my current routine? treadmill. ugh. treadmills suck. that said, i try to run at least 40 mins once a week and half an hour another two times a week, always in the evening. (and it sucks. i’ve really been not doing so well.) i still run between a 12-13 minute mile.

now that i have my fitbit, i’ve been trying to walk the days i don’t run so i can get 10,000 steps a day in. the walking is actually helping a little bit since it stretches out my longer leg muscles. while i run, i either listen to my running music playlist or an audiobook. when i walk, i bring down the laptop and watch TV shows on netflix/amazon.

another couple months and i’ll start running outside again. when i run outside, i tend to run a little more often, 4 times a week or more, and i’ll run 4+ miles at least once a week. this summer i think i’ll try to run more distance.

* not so anonymous, since megan posted it on facebook