stuff again

i’ve been at my new job for a month, and i’ve already lost my ID card. *sigh*

i’m already planning on baking this weekend. in addition to going to the dentist (bleah) and the pizza farm (yay!). i’m also hoping there is an opportunity for a fire (and a smore!) and possibly a nice, long run. and here’s hoping there’s a house showing in there as well. that really has not been going well. 

we’ve had one showing since the house went on the market a month ago. the realtor keeps sending us online view and results like that, but i think i really want to know what she’s doing to promote the house. i mean, i can keep on commuting, i guess, but i’d rather be up here and not drive all the time. zillow has the top number of views in the area, and i’ve claimed the house and put some more info on it. are we going to have an open house? who knows. is she advertising it on facebook? (or St cloud realtor did that for our other house.) not sure. so far…not too impressed with the realtor. i’m not sure if she just doens’t care because we’re not rochester proper or what. (that wouldn’t surprise me.)

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