it reached nearly 70º here today. aahhh!! hello spring! i went for a run outside, which was pretty awful because it was so windy i had to keep my head down most of the time to keep dirt out of my eyeballs. but running in 65º weather was pretty nice. shorts were nice. tshirt nice. no treadmill VERY nice. 

this weekend is daylight saving time, and i DON’T CARE that you lose an hour of sleep. the first day with an hour more of light at the end of the day more than makes up for that lost hour of sleep. now think about that  for the ENTIRE SUMMER. more than worth it. so all you DST naysayers can suck it. 

my peppers are sprouted, my tomatoes are planted, and i’m hoping this year i’ll actually be able make some viable seedlings. here goes nothing. 

i’m getting a quote on a deck from a contractor in town. i want to see what the price difference actually is then tell nate it could be worse. i’m having trouble finding $2000 for a deck this spring, but i REALLY WANT ONE. if anyone knows anyone who could use my services (i can take pictures! i can design crap! i can photoshop you atop a unicorn! i can proofread your papers! i can grow you a crapton of vegetables!), let me know. i will amass my funds and make a deck appear. 

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