some food blog updates

i got my ice cream maker for christmas, and it’s been getting a semi-decent workout. 

of course the first thing i wanted to try to make was healthy, so i went online and found a vegan chocolate ice cream recipe. NEVER AGAIN. that crap had no sugar, an overload of cocoa, and was altogether gross. plus, it froze solid, so nate needed an ice chipper just to get it out of the pan.

next i fell back to the old ATK standby – vanilla (with slightly less sugar). DELISH. charlie said it was the best vanilla ice cream he’d ever had. when my dad goes off his diet in two weeks, i’m going to make him a batch.

last night, i tried out chocolate. 

(i swear, i don’t know why everyone doesn’t make their own ice cream.)

this was an egg-less recipe, which had me slightly worried. but it was nice because i didn’t have to worry about tempering the eggs and cooking them. once again, delicious. it was a wee bit cocoa-y for my tastes, and when i make it again, i might try to use half cocoa and half bar chocolate. 

come springtime, i’ve got to make a berry ice cream, and i want to try a peanut-butter cup ice cream. 

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