between getting up early to catch a plane, the hour extra sleep, and the extra hours fro traveling to LA today, i’m about ready to pass out and it’s only 6pm.  i’m hoping to have some more exciting blog posts tomorrow. 


EDIT: jane isn’t letting me get away with this short post πŸ™ 

so our flight was almost delayed but then the delay was canceled. yay! there weren’t many people on the flight, and we got the entire row to ourselves. jane enjoyed an in-flight mimosa, and we found the caribou too late for breakfast, unfortunately. 

our shuttle to the hotel was quite the experience. *eyeroll*. we got picked up about 1:30 and finally left the airport area a little over two. two hours later, we finally got OUT of the shuttle. there was an annoying native lady who was in the shuttle telling everyone where they should go, and she was directing the shuttle driver even though the driver knew what she was doing. there was also a sick kid in the shuttle, so if i get sick this week, i blame him. 😐

BUT the hotel looks good! there are couches next to a fireplace next to the pool! if we weren’t so beat, jane and i might’ve headed out there this evening. heck, we still might. if that happens and i get some pics, i’ll edit again.

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