already kinda gross.

already kinda gross.

i tried to make soap with milk, and i think i burned the milk, which in turn probably made the soap not great. but on top of that, i burned the soap. so round one of soap making was really gross. unfortunately, i used my good scents on it. šŸ™

so i did round two without milk, and i turned out pretty well, considering it was my first go at hot-process soap. one of the fats i’m using is pretty stinky though. i have a feeling it’s the crappy hydrogenated lard i had in my cupboard from a while ago. 

but, the good thing about hot-process soap is that it’s done a lot quicker. it should be ready to unmold tomorrow and ready to use a couple days after that (my cold-process soap is still curing). 

i used eucalyptus scent in the second batch along with green coloring. hope it turns out well and doesn’t stink like fat too much when i use it!


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