so it starts :D

in 2011 i had an epic garden. unfortunately my seed starting abilities were not so epic. i tried my hand at two varieties of tomatoes as well as rosemary. the tomatoes germinated but didn’t get their real leaves in, and the rosemary did nothing.

i bought a little greenhouse starter thing today to have an other go at starting seed. today i checked on my rosemary plants since they’d been sitting there for a week. they’re already germinating! the package says it takes 2-3 weeks to germinate, and it’s only been a week.

i see this as good news.

the rest of my seeds came in today, so i’ve got to start my tomatoes in a couple weeks as well as the brussels sprouts. everything else can be started in ground, but if i have some room, i might try to start some other seeds (herbs mostly). i’m really hoping i can get my tomatoes to actually do something this year! if all goes to plan, this should be another epic garden year.

come on, spring!

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