so here i sit

dreary day here in southern minnesota. the rain just sort of drizzled its way across the hours, and the sun never made an appearance. it wasn’t so cold that it was scarf weather, but with the rain, a jacket was called for. good there was no wind.

my endeavors to get back to central minnesota stalled out. i feel better about that part of the state; the lakes are calling to me from their far away places. but i have to keep telling myself that home is not necessarily a place; wherever nate and the cats are – that’s home. 

so continuing to do a little poking around here and there, maybe a nudge up and over. this obviously wasn’t meant to be. i sound fatalistic in ways, but i’m trying to carpe that diem as much as i can. 

in the meantime, i will reverse my exit behavior and get myself in gear. i do like what i do. 

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